New Album Coming Soon!

THE ROCKAWAYS have been in the studio working on a unique RAMONES tribute album.  This album features several musical guests, including:

  • Ritchie RAMONE - RAMONES 
  • Greg Hetson - Circle Jerks & Bad Religion
  • Leonard Graves Philips- The Dickies  
  • Casey Royer- Social Distortion, Adolescents, D.I., Radolescents  
  • John O' Donovan- Adolescents, Radolescents  
  • Adam Gomez- The Dickies  
  • Chad Larsen- The Aquabats  
  • Eddie Tatar- D.I., The Dickies  
  • Dave Klein- Agent Orange  
  • Steve Gonzalez- The Vandals  
  • Joie Shettler- Pussycat Dolls, Brian Setzer Orchestra, Jane's Addiction
  • Angelo Moore aka Dr. Madd Vibe - Fishbone 

We feel a release party coming on!  Follow our social media accounts so you don't miss this memorable event!